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Discover new worlds through Virtual Reality

VR - Adventures is the result of my MSc thesis. The main scope of this project was the implementation of a solution in order to avoid the occurring of motion sickness symptoms, common side effect of the use of these devices. The game in fact based is locomotion engine on the use of the motion controllers’s trackpad, creating a camera-view based motion engine.


The project has been developed on Unreal Engine 4.17, basing the development upon the SteamVR plugin of UE and addressing it to the use with the HTC Vive. The game needs as well the connection with the system components provided by Steam and SteamVR. The development took place in a time period of three months, started on June 2017 and submitted on September of the same year.

The game itself is based upon 3 different stages: a sci-fi stage using a white light, a natural stage at twilight and an island stage at night. These differences were made during the designing stage in order to test whether differences in environment and / or lights affect the user.